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At our company expense, we have a line scoping company come to your home whenever we remove and/or move plumbing drains. This ensures that when your project is complete the drains are free and clear of debris.

During this process, many of our customers discovered drain issues waiting to happen. This includes clogged drained, clasped drains, and even separated drains. Discovering these issues sooner saved our customers thousands of dollars.


We offer 2D and 3D CAD designs to help visualize your project. The 2D designs are included in our estimates for square footage verification, layout, and customer desires. The 3D designs are offered to help you the customer visualize how a cabinet might look, or a freestanding tub (standalone tub) in a small area, or maybe removing a tub to a shower. We at Farrell’s Remodeling want to help you visualize your vision.


We use every effort possible to contain dust from spreading beyond our project area. This includes a scrubber, plastic seal project area, magnetic door for a quick pass-through, and dust barrier systems.

We know how much dust can come from the demo process, so keeping the debris contained is a priority to us.


Cutting corners is not in our playbook. Every specialty vendor is Oklahoma State licensed and insured. Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC are verified licensed and insured.

Farrell’s Remodeling KERDI – SCHLUTER


After 14 years of using a product which has given us a zero-failure rate, we cannot do without it, so neither should you.

Schluter is a waterproofing membrane that seals the entire shower/tub area preventing leaking. From the shower pan, rectangle shower bench, triangle shower bench, shower drain, shower valve, shower curb and shower / tub niche. Check out their products using this link. | Homepage

We take the time to install Schluter following the manufacture guidelines, so your product will carry Schluter’s lifetime warranty. After installation you can register your product through this Schluter link. Warranty Registration - Schluter Online Forms

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